cover of v/a - THE LOST WEEKEND

The companion cd to DISTORTION IS TRUTH. Two of the performances are lengthy and three are more in the time range of the other disc (two to five minutes). Like the other disc, this is material that was recorded over the past several years since Band of Susans disbanded. More information coming once i've actually heard the disc....


Tracks 1, 4, 5 recorded by Robert Poss at Trace Element Records. Track 2 recorded at Experimental Intermedia and mixed by Robert Poss at Trace Element Records. Digital layout: Jason Braun. Back cover photo: Lisa McGaughran.

Thanks: Phill Niblock, BBC Television / Horizon, Mark Molesworth, Ron Spitzer.

Electronics and electric guitars by Robert Poss

Drift performed live at Experimental Intermedia, New York City, by Kato Hideki (bowed double bass), Susan Stenger (electric baritone guitar), and Robert Poss (bowed electric bass and oscillators).

Tabla on Throne of Blood (Reprise) by Peter Lockett / The Mix

All music (c) Robert Poss / Blessing and Curse Music (ASCAP) 2002


1) Crossing Casco Bay (20:54)
2) Drift (18:22)
3) Daytime in Hanga Roa (1:54)
4) Theme For An Imaginary Car Commercial (4:04)
5) Throne of Blood (Reprise) (5:25)


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