cover of Phill Niblock -- FOUR FULL FLUTES

This CD was released by Experimental Intermedia Foundation in 1990 and includes Susan Stenger playing flute on two tracks. The scores were recorded using musicians playing instruments tuned to an oscilloscope in microtonal intervals; in this fashion Niblock creates "tone blocks" by editing out breathing spaces and assigning different pitch blocks to selected areas of the final eight-track recording. An photo of the incredibly arcane-looking scores for the three individual pieces is included in the extensive liner notes. One of the four tracks is actually the combination of the solo recordings by Stenger and Petr Kotik; the listener is encouraged to mix and match tracks on their own....


P K (Petr Kotik, Alto Flute), S L S (Susan Stenger, Flute), P K & S L S (Petr Kotik, Alto Flute; Susan Stenger, Flute), Winterbloom Too (Eberhard Blum, Bass Flute)