cover of Gilbert/Poss/Stenger - GILBERTPOSSSTENGER

Released in 2000 by WMO (Wire Mail Order). These two long tracks were first recorded live in England on October 11, 1995 as a three-way collaboration between Poss, Stenger, and Wire guitarist Bruce Gilbert. Due to technical problems with the mixes, they sat on the shelf for several years until the mixing issues were sorted out. The two tracks are long, freeform explorations in feedback and sound as a purely physical wave -- this is loud stuff, and it's not difficult to see why it was hard to properly mix. Fascinating but definitely not "song-oriented" in the manner of BoS releases.


"manc" recorded live at the Hacienda Club, October 11, 1995. Live mix by Russell Haswell. "variation" remixed at The Instrument, London, Jully 1997 by Paul Smith. Both tracks written by Bruce Gilbert, Robert Poss and Susan Stenger. Published by Mute Song / Blast First Music. Digitally remastered by Denis Blackham at Porky's, London. Photography by Kevin S. Eden, design / manipulation: Cop This. Released under exclusive license from Mute Records Ltd. / Blast First. (c) 2000 Mute Records Ltd. / Blast First. (P) 2000 WMO Ltd.


manc (37:27)
variation (34:13)