Released on Blast First! in 1988. The CD includes "Sometimes" and "Where Have All The Flowers Gone" (not the Peter, Paul and Mary song!) from the BLESSING AND CURSE ep.

Band of Susans on this recording were:
Robert Poss: Guitar, vocals
Susan Stenger: Bass, vocals
Susan Tallman: Guitar
Susan Lyall: Guitar, vocals
Ron Spitzer: Drums
Alva Rogers: Vocals

Recorded and mixed at Platinum Island, New York City, May/June 1987, except "Hope Against Hope" recorded at Calliope Productions and remixed at Platinum Isand and "Sometimes," and "Where Have All The Flowers Gone" recorded and mixed at Calliope. Engineer: Jim Klein. Assistant Engineer: John Herman. Engineers for the above three songs: Bill Hemy, Bob Coulter, Robert Power. Mastered at Frankford Wayne, New York City by Chris Gehringer.

Design: Band of Susans/Max Speed
Photography: Bob Marshak
Special Thanks: Paul Smith, Cheryl Payne, Karen Haglof, Andy Dunkley, Richard Grabel


Not Even Close, Learning To Sin, Throne Of Blood, Elliot Abrams In Hell, All The Wrong Reasons, I The Jury, No God, You Were An Optimist, Ready To Bend, Hope Against Hope, Sometimes, Where Have All The Flowers Gone


Not Even Close listen but don't listen too hard there's just enough margin for error i tried to recreate the exploded view but all the fuses were unscrewed i see the fireworks by the bridge cold grey cast iron frames the windowless bricks the streetlights dim the watertowers waiting on the roofs sometimes it all falls into place when i'm watching it fill the screen but the uniforms are too tightly creased the tail lights always seem too clean so the bends are in our blood the sound rings snare snaps at our backs the bass sounds so low the solid bodies pump but the message is sent in code and you're not even close

Throne of Blood green christ king of nuclear waste black ghost crucified on a cross of gold southern shock troops steal our souls children pray in school the unwanted brought into the world white house whores businessmen in epaulettes command bomber squadrons wargame factories while hidden victims rot in lime green rooms war criminals see winnable wars freedom fighters raped the nuns welcomed at the embassy gestapo diplomacy a face without the features a squirming charlatan on a white hourse squints into the public eye and lies

All the Wrong Reasons born treading water waiting for rescue you convinced me to follow i followed blindly along always trying to make up for lost time the years have passed in the blink of an eye i see right through all those smiles when i'm scared for all the wrong reasons standing in line with the wise and the wary in the back of my mind there's a reason to hurry it happened walking home in the rain the pavement was smooth my face reflected in a pool i thought the blameless always seem to get blamed i was right for all the wrong reasons so make the sin of omission and try to bargain for freedom the reasons are clearer but they're not clear enough for me we stare into the future each day and live for the hope that some help is on the way and try to feel for all those whose lives have been pulled away and we cry for all the wrong reasons

Learning to Sin scraping up the courage to be wrong all those paper thin tricks i played backfired in my face 26 angels on the head of a pin there was no other way they helped me teach myself to sin floating in the sea of second thoughts held prisoner by desire there's a noise in the street a block away the parade drums beat now they're marching me away

I the Jury we dream a lot to make up for lost time another life we might have lived i knew you'd never be mine we dream a lot to replace what we lost when we worship the streamlined we're begging for mercy of another kind retelling all the stories we're busy forging fantasies we make excuses for yesterday it's water to wine the briefcases float on the river in the age of no certainty blank verses in the night and i'm dreaming of love i the jury i want to believe you i want to trust you enough for a ray of hope the fire of new rage the bells are ringing outside it's raining crawling on my knees through the stations of the cross while the small green screen stares back at me a stolen chance to get the record straight one more time to get it right we dream a lot to make up for lost time tempting fate with a wish list it's lies all lies we dream a lot to solve a bit of the mystery always hoping to bend the rules and make a dent in the history tied to the mast with the sirens screaming i used to have to look for my pride now i can see a good poart of the world through the cracks in the walls ringing false as a mail order bride and the crowds in the street know you're nothing different they're predicting it won't make a difference here's another chance to get it right here's another chance to rub salt in the wounds i'll paint myself into another corner anytime this won't be the last time

You Were An Optimist when the dust settled everything was in doubt you didn't know where to turn you were still off balance your mind wanders back in time a thousand drinks ago and you're an optimist it's a bit hazy now so many plot twists so you try and try to forget but the circuits have been etched the connections are fresh the contacts mesh each night raked over the coals she called from a payphone the voice on the tape didn't match his face a sympathetic ear you were an optimist

Ready to Bend he's wrapped up in the flag and drifing out of the crosshairs the lies are back to back but the details leave me cold she nods like a hitman waiting for the right excuse two open searchlight eyes and a poison pen smile she says now don't get me wrong you've got first right to refuse i'm a pretty bad liar but i dream of us side by side you're living by flashlight groping in the dark for your heart of hearts you had it all mapped out the plans were laid end to end you never thought you'd bleed you always thought you'd just oversleep so consider the fallout you're waiting by the phone and you're ready to bend i'm serving every night in the company of fools and when i'm talking to myself i make them play by my rules the second hand is twisted but the marching never slows time's not impossible to stop it's impossible to hold

Hope Against Hope the dream wakes me i was in trouble again hanging off a cliff at a subway stop the letter from the school threatened discipline scribbled numbers i can't read faith in faith you told me it's wrong i twist the truth in a short cut to bad luck the same self abuse but i have these dreams empty pools and broken houses a ringing in my ears as i wait for the subway a ringing in my ears as i walk the beat and i can't stop hoping i can't stop hating it's hope against hope

Sometimes jane spilled her drink down her shirt and smiled satisfied the circle of fifths diminished by one she goes out on the dance floor it's a push pull scene for the young and the restless everything gets routine and the boys and girls we tried to be are no longer quite as clean stand alone skulls aligned nights are old you scan the crowd you've met your match the money's finished ok let's go did you catch his eye you're not who he's thinking of one last look as you turn to leave you hope he'll follow stupid dream back on the street you want the cold walk fast with some faked purpose eyes straight and studied indifference you're the type he thinks about sometimes