cover of Robert Poss/Nicolas Collins - INVERSE GUITAR cs

This split cassette -- with one side by Nicolas Collins and one by Robert Poss -- was released on Trace Elements in 1988. Susan Tallman played backwards guitar and Robert Poss played guitar and backwards bass on the Nicolas Collins tracks.

Collins side: Nicolas Collins: Electronics. Susan Tallman: Backwards guitar. Robert Poss: Guitar, backwards bass. Sound-driven backwards guitars (1, 2), trombone-propelled sampling system (1), and automated mixer (2, 3), designed, built and programmed by Nicolas Collins. Recorded and mixed at Airshaft Studio, New York City, February-April 1988. Engineers: Nicolas Collins and Matt Covey. Copyright 1988. All rights reserved.

Poss side: Robert Poss: Guitar, drums. Recorded and mixed by Robert Poss at Studio PASS, New York City, April 1987. Engineers: Connie Bieltyka, Carol Parkinson. Copyright 1988 by Robert Poss/Blessing And Curse Music (ASCAP). All rights reserved. This side of INVERSE GUITAR was recorded as part of a 1987 Artist-In-Residency at Pass/Harvestworks.

Cover photo: "Air Guitar," installation by Nicolas Collins. Design: Susan Tallman.


Nicolas Collins: Pet Sounds, Say Uncle, Like A Falling Stone
Robert Poss: The Elements of Style I-IV, G12M70, New Dog Old Tricks