cover of v/a - THE LOST WEEKEND

This album was given away free in 1993 by Blast First/Mute to "survivors" of the Afghan Whigs "Lost Weekend" set of shows September 10-11, 1993, at London Astoria II. It includes the Band of Susans cut "Mood Swing" and was limited to 3,000 copies.

Special thanks to:
Tim Chambers (concepting)
All the bands and their labels and management (for participating)
R. T. Presents/Jivepress Ltd. (promoting)
Ute Klaphake (cover photos)
Fergus Hill (F-stop and lighting and guest guitar)
Slim Smith (design)
L. A. II (venue)


The Afghan Whigs -- I Keep Coming Back
Band of Susans -- Mood Swing
Scrawl -- Drunken Fool
Stereolab -- Crest
The Afghan Whigs -- Fountain and Fairfax
The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion -- Afro
The Hair And Skin Trading Company -- Levers
The God Machine -- Pictures Of A Bleeding Boy