cover of LOVE AGENDA

Released by Restless/Blast First! in 1989. The CD contains the extra tracks "Child Of The Moon" and "Take The Express." Page Hamilton, now leader of his own band Helmet, joined the Band of Susans for this record.

Band of Susans for this album were:
Robert Poss: Guitar, vocals
Susan Stenger: Bass, vocals
Karen Haglof: Guitar, vocals
Page Hamilton: Guitar, vocals
Ron Spitzer: Drums

Recorded December 1988 at Planet, New York City.
Engineer: Russ Landis
Mixed December 1988-January 1989 at Platinum Island, New York City
Engineer: Jim Klein. Assistant at Planet: Richard Wurzbach.
Assistant engineers at Platinum Island: Rocky Belt and Jose Fernandez
Mastered at Frankford/Wayne by Chris Gehringer

Special Thanks: Anne Lehman, Pat Naylor, Noel Kilbride, Steve Albini


The Pursuit Of Happiness, It's Locked Away, Birthmark, Tourniquet, Thorn In My Side, Sin Embargo, Because Of You, Hard Light, Which Dream Came True, Child Of The Moon, Take The Express


The Pursuit of Happiness the assassin of love has your name on a list he kicks down the door and he takes you away snuffed and cold there's a face in the glass you're locked in a room with the smell of decay something is in the air you better say a prayer for a spasm of faith that flickers and fades day dreams lapse in a coma of waiting you sit inventing crimes to pass the time before you get caught your confession is made look at yourself you're a flash in the pan you're a spark that's out you don't remember your name you're fossilized you want blood from stone you've got a hero's heart but play a loser's game i'm talking to you i'm watching what you do i'm keeping the score the apostle of love comes to bid good night he opens the door there's the scent of an old flame in a room of my own there's a face i know a conspiracy of needs and the swoon of a new game

It's Locked Away the part no longer has the ring of truth you cast the spells but leave the books on the shelves stepping out of the frame but no one detects backing down the stairs looking just long enough to know it's locked away all blurry eyed they're getting frayed at the sides windows painted on walls they'rve started screening their calls stepping back in the shade how it used to be another instant replayed always cast against type but no one detects how the light looks tonight or just who it protects when it shines so bright i always close my eyes when it shines so bright it's blacking out life

Birthmark the blind lead the blind searching for clear signs the angle of desire the internal choir the sweetest lie the turning sky we count the rings around the moon the sun sets in the east for forty days and forty nights your secrets are safe the blind touch the bind groping for lost time the precise curve the vibrating nerve the deepest sigh the longest cry the blind see the blind marking what they find the perfect light the endless night the open eye the will to die

Tourniquet you heart glows in the dark like a jewel made out of paste you always seem to meet me with a blindfold on each night we spent in chains in a soft cage without a key trying to recall that first light of desire turn away from the light fading across the dunes of midnight each alone each night you walk that black forest of streets like a magnet pulling me back in time when i write i write to a stranger i can't recall the place or the time

Because of You when you left the room there were whispers you're an object of lust a subject of mystery tonight the pilot lights wink like eyes the tubes glow blue the fuses spark the wires burn bright because of you you are on every one's special list you've placed yourself in the center of it all all the encore calls they were for you but here on sacred ground there's some thing wrong i can't recognize you anymore i held my breath as i watched the film you looked like you but you didn't look real the scene looked faked the gun shot blanks the cars were stunt the kiss took ten takes just a dream before waking

Hard Light what can i do i look for you i lose my way again the sheets are damp the darkness spreads like a stain on the bed i walk the floor i close the door i lock myself up again i find a way to get along for one more day i'll forgive you and i'll forget you outside a car alarm is wailing incessantly someone is slumped against the stairs looking up at me the sirens call i hit the wall i tie myself down again i want to fly away the silent birds observe as the traffic light changes idly i want for the street machine to sweep you back inside of me i jerk awake from the distant isle of sleep dawn cracks there's a hard light in place of your dreaming face i thought you'd always be here i thought i'd always have you near

Which Dream Came True it's another prayer to the patron saint of lost causes hatemail written but never sent she had a voice like a papercut but no one else will do she had a mind that could suck out the poison it's a gift i never learned how to use so i drink in the stale air around me the same old story they're always telling me your dream came true from a thousand million miles away at the edge of space the voice that makes me sick whispers in my ear again i strain to hear but my hearing's blurred a pounding in my heart a ringing in my head and i wake up alone i look around the room and somehow i've known all along which dream came true

Take the Express you get in a car and drive real fast i know that's the way in the suburbs but here in New York there's just one way to go you change from local to express it's ninety cents and you can ride all day all those New Jersey kids coming into the clubs they don't know what they're missing while they're driving around we're two miles underground stuck in a tunnel near 56th so you think it's real cool to go where you want to and polish your car to reflect the sun while you're stuck in Holland Tunnel i'll be here where the fun is smelling the piss on the Number 1 tell me how many people have you met in your pickup have you ever been mugged in your blue Chevette you can bet your last Rabbit that you'll see stranger habits on a train filled with loony-bin vets they take the express i hope against hope that the trains will keep running to get me to Chinatown before twelve o'clock while you're looking for parking i'll be looking at Peking the pork in the windows the fishcrates on the block