"Mood Swing/The Last Temptation of Susan"

cover of "Mood Swing/Last Tempation of Susan" single

This single was released in 1993 by Restless/Sing Fat Records to coincide with the release of VEIL. For some reason both songs appear to have been heavily remixed and, in the case of "The Last Temptation of Susan," also edited for length. The vinyl was released in different colors, although how many different colors I don't know (of the two copies I have, one is translucent orange and the other is purple marble).

Songs by Poss/Stenger (c) Blessing And Curse Music (ASCAP). All rights reserved.
Recorded and mixed at Baby Monster Studios, New York City, January 1993.
Engineer: Bryce Goggin. Assistant: Chris Lewis.
Sing Fat special thanks to John Napier, Gary Jabberjaw


Mood Swing, The Last Temptation of Susan