cover of Ben Neill - MAINSPRING

This Ben Neill album was released by Dossier/Ear-Rational Records in 1988. There are four tracks consisting of Ben Neill playing the "mutantrumpent," an redesigned trumpet modified to expand the trumpet's versatility. He is backed by additional musicians on all but "Mainspring"; the text on "No More People" is by Steve Smith. Robert Poss appears on "No More People" playing electric guitar.

Track 1 recorded at B. C. Studio, Martin Bisi, engineer
Track 2 recorded at Radio City Studio, Don Hunerberg, engineer
Track 3 mixed at The Living Room, Miles Green, engineer
Track 4 mixed at B. C. Studio, Martin Bisi, engineer

Produced by Ben Neill and Don Yallech
Cover painting Some Things From Sleep II by David Wojnarowicz.
Album cover layout and back cover photograph by Sue Ann Harkey.
All selections copyright (c) 1988 Fictive Kin Music (ASCAP).

Notes from Neill: The pieces on this record utilize the mutantrumpet, an instrument which I designed in 1981 to expand the capabilities of the normal trumpet. One of its primary functions is the facilitation of rapid changes between different sonorities and timbres. This concept of a unified multi-sidedness is an integral part of my overall approach to composition.


Mainspring, Two Dances (1. Sarabande, 2. Bal), Dis-Solution 2, No More People