cover of PEEL SESSIONS ep

Released in 1992 by Restless/Dutch East India Trading; this is a bit confusing to some because it's "out of order" in the discography -- the material was recorded in two separate Peel sessions in 1988 and 1989, with two different lineups. This may be one of the reasons why many people have always thought of the BOS lineup as constanty-shifting, even though it actually never changed (in the studio, anyway) after 1990. See the notes below for who recorded when.

Band of Susans at this time were:
Robert Poss: Guitar, vocals
Susan Stenger: Guitar, vocals
Karen Haglof: Guitar
Page Hamilton: Guitar (1988 session)
Mark Lonergan: Guitar (1989 session)
Ron Spitzer: Drums

Released by arrangement with BBC Records and Tapes (c) 1992 BBC Enterprises Ltd.
(c) 1992 LSR Records. Successfully distributed by Dutch East India Trading.

Front cover photo: Beth B.
Back cover photo: Joyce McKenzie
Special thanks: Paul Smith/Blast First, Dale Hyatt and Leo Fender for G&L guitars and basses


I Found That Essence Rare, Throne of Blood, Child Of The Moon, Hope Against Hope, Which Dream Came True, Too Late

Tracks 1-4 recorded October 4, 1988
Tracks 5-6 recorded July 2, 1989

"I Found That Essence Rare" (c) Gang of Four -- EMI Music Ltd.; "Child Of The Moon" (c) Jagger/Richards -- Gideon Music, Inc. (BMI); "Too Late: (c) Gilbert -- Carbert Music (BMI); all others (c) Poss -- Blessing and Curse Music (ASCAP)