cover of Robert Poss - SOMETIMES cs

This cassette was released by Robert Poss on Trace Elements in 1986, just prior to forming the Band of Susans. In addition to including musicians who would later figure in Band of Susans, it contains the original versions of several songs that eventually ended up being recorded and released by Band of Susans. It is still available through Trace Elements.

Musicians on this release were:
Robert Poss: Guitars, vocals, bass, drums
Alva Rogers: Backup vocals
Ron Spitzer: Piano

Words and music by Robert Poss (c) 1986 Trace Elements Music (ASCAP)
All rights reserved

Recorded and mixed at P.P.I. and Airshaft Studios by Robert Poss
Engineered by George Bley
Cassette mastering: Nicolas Collins/Airshaft Studio
Deisgn: April Garston
Special thanks to the entire staff of Studio Consultants, Inc.


Torch, Sometimes, The Serious One, Think Twice, Because Of You, Throne Of Blood, Blessing And Curse, Sermon On Competition

"Sometimes" was recorded by Band of Susans and released on BLESSING AND CURSE; "Throne Of Blood" was recorded by Band of Susans and released on HOPE AGAINST HOPE, along with a new version of "Blessing And Curse" (now retitled "No God"); "Because Of You" was re-recorded and released on LOVE AGENDA; and "Sermon on Competition" was released on HERE COMES SUCCESS as "Sermon on Competition, Part 1 (Nothing Is Recoupable)."