Released by Restless in 1995; this was the last actual release by the full band (although Robert Poss and Susan Stenger later recorded a handful of tracks for the Wire tribute compilation VARIOUS ARTISTS PLAY WIRE -- WHORE and the as-yet-unreleased DRILL, an album composed of various bands all doing their interpretation of the Wire song "Drill."

Band of Susans at this time were:
Robert Poss: Guitar, vocals
Susan Stenger: Bass, vocals
Anne Husick: Guitar
Mark Lonergan: Guitar
Ron Spitzer: Drums

Recorded and mixed autum 1994 at Baby Monster Studio, New York City.
Engineered by Bryce Goggin. Assistant: Royston Langdon from Leeds.
Produced by Robert Poss.
Thanks: Ellen Bello and Suzanne Haber at In-Press, Lee De Forest, G&L.

All songs by Poss/Stenger (c) 1995 except "Sermon on Competition, Part 1 (Nothing Is Recoupable)" (c) 1985 by Poss. All songs published by Blessing and Curse Music (ASCAP).


Elizabeth Stride (1843-1888), Dirge, Hell Bent, Pardon My French, As Luck Would Have It, Two Jacks, Stone Like A Heart, In The Eye Of The Beholder (For Rhys), Sermon On Competition Part 1 (Nothing Is Recoupable)


Elizabeth Stride (1843-1888) Elizabeth Stride born with clear blue eyes open wide plays in fields of flowers red and white games of seek and hide papa never lets her from his sight the cows and horses breed father plans the seed and visits late at night she dreams of living in a world apart old enough to bleed human need must find a human heart servant girl in town belly swelling round she sings a lullaby never will you know what you are worth stillborn child delivered from the crime of birth East End lights dosshouse hopes and Queen's Head nights soaked in gin a broken piece of comb to please the gentlemen a scrap of velvet rag a metal spoon the bounty of "sin" footsteps in the dark a stalker or a mark follows in her path wheezing in the soot-blackened air shrouded in the fog he's standing there she can feel him stare someone's there she can feel him stare he's standing there Long Liz Stride skirts spread against a scarlet cloud eyes open wide her blood feeds the stones of Dutfield's yard

Dirge love mixed with dread for the living and the dead who fill my dreams visions in my head ghosts and angels share my bed nothing's what it seems night lasts so long shadows all around same serenade number one on the hit parade time after time repeat and fade the tape is torn and frayed i can't rewind don't make a sound spirits all around and then they're gone and then they're gone lost my voice it's hard to tell between chance and choice eyes on the ground when you went away i declared a holiday i told myself i'd carry on when you were gone same charade marching in the hit parade repeat and fade night lasts sl long shadows all around and then they're gone

Hell Bent brain fever there's fire inside your head bring on the ether you might as well be dead defend your faith and make your escape time to lower the flags and pack your bags caught in the act just don't look back forget all your plans there'll be no second chance there's a new regime with the same old scheme interrogation team no one will hear you scream don't be discrete you're in too deep you took the risk now take this life and twist it's way too late to try and change your fate time to stand up straight and make the big mistake brain fever bring on the ether brain fever

Pardon My French the hollow point bullet that bears my name was sold up in the Bronx just yesterday the poison-tipped arrow that will pierce my heart was sold under the counter at a liquor store the voice of god is Charleton Heston he's told the FBI they should have me arrested the bullets will fly but he'll never get the message that people with guns can never be trusted pardon my French but you've failed the test come on out of the trench with your hands on top of your head in the beginning life sucked you're hoping for a ditch but you end up in a rut now my radio reception is getting so much better when i brush my teeth twice i can even get the weather the voices never tell me just what i should do but they make some good suggestions i can't refuse they say the end is coming soon and life's one big cartoon milk cartons tell a story that i know is pretty gory those friends of my friends are enemies of mine it's not hard to explain since there's no one on the line it's been so long since i've had a full deck i'm a few cards short and that's as close as i get and i say Keith unroll the girl in the rug you once were so cool but now you're fucked when you wake up from this you'll need to look for new drugs it's just like old times you're about to get mugged when they broke into my place i was chained to a chair the channels still were swtiching but i didn't care with a blink of my eyes i can see any show it doesn't even matter that the picture tube's blown so coming soon to machete TV Montel Geraldo and Oprah and me now guest number one he drives a Mack truck he married his daughter when they both were on drugs there's a ghost of a chance pinhead angels can dance we'll ask our next guest when she snaps out of her trance so now let us remember our dear departed host we're on the edge of our seats at the chance of his ghost we're stalking all the stalkers our faith replaced our walkers the Virgin's tears are real or the priest's a fast talker pardon my French your brain's been benched you've failed the test pardon my French

Two Jacks the cops on the line all nightstick and shoeshine keep their eyes on the prize and hope for a riot the usual suspects are the ones who we despise they've called off their search but they won't call in their spies this is all they have left expecting the worst you've got it so well rehearsed an eye for an eye in a clever disguise this is all you have left now you've got a perfect chance to cash in on the past but i've got all the time in the world this is all i have left so look at your watch and see if the hands have stopped everything can be topped the next time around your aim has been getting worse it's a blessing and it's a curse and the thorns have fallen from your crown and this is all you have left i've got all the time in the world and this is all you have left

Stone Like a Heart in at the deep end i guarantee over the rainbow you'll be seeing me now is now and then was then now your ship is coming in mountains roll down to the sea you'll look up and there i'll be over the rainbow our dreams come true in at the deep end i'll be seeing you moon gets tangled in a tree you'll climb up and set it free darkness tries to swallow me i'll look up and there you'll be there you'll be

Sermon on Competition, Part 1 (Nothing is Recoupable) you think you know it all you work hard enough but your job seems dull i could've been you but i prefer not to choose your targets you say my eye's on the bull's eye right on the mark i'm staring at you but i prefer not to so we work the graveyard shift we're underpaid but not unprepared i could've been you but i prefer not to i think i know it all i work hard enough but my life seems dull jealousy breeds contempt who me c'mon i'm a lot like you i'm a dime-a-dance girl so this is how we measure success this is how we measure success