Tot Rocket and the Twins:


Released in 2005 on Rave Up Records (Italy), this LP collects all the tracks released by Tot Rocket and the Twins, including two previously unreleased tracks. All the material other than the unreleased tracks are taken from the band's first single and the EVICTION and SECURITY RISK EPs. The band featured Robert Poss on guitar and vocals, as well as future BoS drummer Ron Spitzer on bass and vocals.

From the back cover:

TOT ROCKET AND THE TWINS -- A brief biography:

Tot Rocket was formed in 1979 when Ron Spitzer, Andrew Halbreich and Robert Poss, who had played in various blues / rock bands together in high school, ended up moving to East Haven, Connecticut to form a new band. An early musical eclecticism caused by the three's disparate musical tastes (ranging from Chicago blues to glam to country rock) was soon galvanized by the burgeoning New Haven punk scene and by seeing live shows by The Clash, The Undertones, The Jam, Iggy Pop, The Neighborhoods, Johnny Thunders and Graham Parker and the Rumour. Tot Rocket and the Twins was a name coined by Robert Poss; he still doesn't know why, but it sounded right at the time, unfortunately. Their first drummer was Patti Coppola; she was followed by Lou Farace, who played on their first single, "Reduced / Fun Fades Fast," released by the infamous Whiplash Records (home of the Corpsegrinders). The band lived briefly in Jamaica, Queens and then moved into New York's East Village in 1980. Michael Goglia joined as the new drummer and played on their EVICTION EP, released on Trace Elements Records. John Bulcken, who replaced him in 1981, played on the band's SECURITY RISK EP, also released on Trace Elements. (This was in the days before digital recording, before music videos, before CDs, before the internet and MP3s, when vinyl still ruled the world.) Tot Rocket played at places like CBGB, Max's Kansas City, The Playroom, The Rat, Ron's Place, A7, and a host of other small clubs and underground spaces whose names are lost to history. In 1983, Tot Rocket became Western Eyes, and enlisted electronic music composer Nicolas Collins to do a radical electronic remix of their recorded material. The result was the Western Eyes EP, released on Trace Elements in 1984.


Ron Spitzer: Bass, vocals; Andrew Halbreich: Harmonica, guitar, vocals; Robert Poss: Guitar, vocals; Lou Farace: Drums on A1 and A2; Michael Golgia: Drums on A3 and A6; John Bulcken: Drums on B1 and B6.

"Reduced / Fun Fades Fast in the USA" -- Produced by Tot Rocket at Reel Dreams Studio, Connecticut. Engineered by Carl Henry.

EVICTION EP -- Produced by Tot Rocket at Paris Studios, Long Island, NY. Engineered by Brian Paris.

SECURITY RISK EP -- Produced by Nicolas Collins at Sundragon Studios, New York City. Engineered by Buddy Pollack.

Previously unreleased material -- Recorded by Perry Brandston at Westbeth, New York City, from Manhattan Cable Television broadcast.


SIDE A: Reduced, Fun Fades Fast in the USA, Not a Chance, Employment Line, What Did You Expect?, Wouldn't Cost Much

SIDE B: One More Eviction, Hundred Years War, Twenty-Four Hour Protection, Time to Waste, Shroud of Turin*, Television Rules*

* -- previously unreleased