cover of v/a - THE LOST WEEKEND

Robert Poss, post-BoS: The first full-length collection is an ecelectic one, to say the least, with sixteen tracks of experimental guitar outings recorded at Trace Elements and various live outings. As for the tenor of the recordings (which sound excellent), Robert explains it best himself in the liner notes:

"Until recently I had nearly forgotten what it felt like to manipulate, trigger, sample, and hold cascading oscillators, gates and resonant filters like I had first done in the mid 1970s (musical experimentation and patchcord macrame on a keyboardless Arp 2600, along with four-channel skipping record repeat pieces and putting contact microphones on pocket watches, electric motors and water fountains). Now, spending time once again in the thickets of patchcords and the blinking lights of temperamental analog modules is like a reunion with a long-lost lover... or pet.

"So, now is now. This CD represents facets of my recent musical interests, some of which catch the light more than others, and is also a kind of retrospective of my post B. O. S. experimentation and performance. Ultimately, it's just another dream in which I stand before you at the end of the term -- with a long, history, a wealth of experience, but somehow still naked and unprepared." [Robert Poss, September 2002]


Composed, performed, recorded and mixed by Robert Poss at Trace Elements Records except for 8, 9, and 11 (recorded at / by Roulette), 10 (recorded at / by Experimental Intermedia), and 12 (recorded at The Cooler).

Thanks: Jim Staley / Roulette, Phill Niblock / Experimental Intermedia, Tom Kelley, Ben Niell, Sandra Lowe, Ellen Poss, Matt Covey, Heather Mount, Susan Stenger, Paul Smith, Nicolas Collins, Wire, Steve Deckert / Decware, Kato Hidecki, Joe Arcidacono, Skulpey, The Meat Joy, G&L Guitars, Purple Audio, Margaret Wibmer, David Dramm, Ann LaBerge, Tone, Tamzidat, The Negatones, Trollbinders. (c) Robert Poss / Blessing and Curse Music (ASCAP) 2002


1) Brakhage (2:34)
2) Radio Free Albermuth Revisited (2:40)
3) You Were Relentless (5:33)
4) Henix Sambolo (6:30)
5) That Same Dream Again (2:14)
6) Azulene (Instrumental Version) (5:52)
7) Management Confidential (4:45)
8) Showbiz (Live at Roulette) (2:22)
9) The Level Above (Live at Roulette) (5:09)
10) Memphis / Little Rock -- For Robert Palmer and & Randall Lyon (Live at Experimental Intermedia) (6:57)
11) Tinkling (Live at Roulette) (4:11)
12) Improvised Duo (Live at The Cooler with Tom Kelley) (3:57)
13) Where Do Things Stand (4:24)
14) You Know The Drill (3:27)
15) Zener Shunt (1:39)
16) Regret (5:19)


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