cover of VEIL

Released by Restless in 1993. A single with truncated radio-remix versions of "Mood Swing" and "The Last Temptation of Susan" was also released on Restless/Sing Fat in conjunction with the album. The destroyed amp on the back cover is the result of Susan Stenger's "forceful" bass playing in the studio, where her playing caused the amp to catch on fire. The CD contains a "hidden" track at the end -- a remixed version of "The Red and The Black" (not to be confused with Blue Oyster Cult's "The Black and Silver").

Band of Susans at this time were:
Robert Poss: Guitar, vocals
Susan Stenger: Bass, vocals
Anne Husick: Guitar
Mark Lonergan: Guitar
Ron Spitzer: Drums

Recorded and mixed at Baby Monster Studios, New York City, January/February 1993.
Engineer: Bryce Goggin. Assistant: Chris Lewis.
Special thanks: Joel Mark, David Snyder, Nicolas Collins (black boxes), Tony Irving (grey boxes), The Trollbinders
Dedicated to Thurgood Marshall and Jim Marshall

All songs by Poss/Stenger (c) 1993 Blessing and Curse Music (ASCAP)


Mood Swing, Not In This Life, The Red And The Black, Following My Heart, Stained Glass, The Last Temptation Of Susan, Truce, Trouble Spot, Pearls Of Wisdom, Trollbinders Theme, Blind


Mood Swing he said the joke's on you you think you're one of a kind but you're all the same to me you're so easy to find he said open your eyes watch what i do why don't you just relax i bet you'll like it too you'll like it too what is this pain i can't explain i see his face again what's my name they said what'd you expect why did you let him in don't you know boys will be boys and men will be men he didn't hurt you much he's someone you knew it's a fact of life there's nothing you can do nothing you can do they say that i'm to blame that i should feel ashamed i see that face again but things have changed now the joke's on them they think they have me down they think they're in control and then i turn around i let them get real close so they can hear what i say i whisper in their ear then i blow them away

Not in This Life radio waves from outer space past the rings of saturn sending out strange sounds and voices i hear them in my dreams looking through the prison bars the factory smoke is rising at night the snow it looks so blue there's a certain kind of deadly quiet the message that i receive from the dead who choose to speak to me are pushing me toward something but not in this life they say not in this life you won't now you seem so far away a thousand million miles a different time a different life a different world not in this life you won't

The Red and the Black napalm trees sway in the breeze golden fleece is on sale this week the goose that laid the golden eggs scalps tickets in los angeles the careful plans of willing slaves who curtsey and bow while they rattle their chains they're planning famous escapades in the the conference rooms of the overpaid let's talk about fame crucifix and a switchblade microphone and a briefcase a quick fix for the marketplace so put on your thinking cap 'cause there's a thosand miles between the red and the black seduce betray seduced betrayed

Following My Heart staring into the sun pressed against the glass remembering the ones who lured me off the path following my heart swept away with the tide dreams like water under the bridge the pins of light the needle of the day pricks me back to life following my heart the controllers of fate the keepers of the flame defenders of the faith on a new crusade following my heart off the beaten path wired for sound fighting to the death for another round following my heart

Stained Glass don't push your luck stay in the dark don't call their bluff they know who you are time after time nothing to say turn your head and look away don't push your luck stay in the dark close your eyes and play the part drums in the night clear as a bell the shattered light a broken spell weep like a child heartbeat is still my dream would not obey my will blood of my blood swept out like the tide slipping away losing my mind flesh of my flesh partner in crime tearing away robbing me blind

Truce i read you made the final cut i guess the ice in your veins thawed just long enough you've told yourself it's all for the best now you'll cast your spells one by one like all the rest the stage is set all the props are in place all the shadows match all the action's blocked and paced now the film is running nightly replayed inside my brain it's realer than the real but it's not quite the same but tonight for once let's call a truce the war goes on in every dream about you

Trouble Spot when they came for me i went quietly my head was bowed my back was turned we always knew you'd break we always hoped you'd change but we've always known that it was you we think we know what makes you tick but what made you try what made you try how could you dream that you'd survive but the speech i'd planned drifted from my brain what makes you try why do you try wh even try because it's there

Pearls of Wisdom the script is written word for word line by line the vows are spoken time and time again as the future's chosen you're always waiting standing in line you keep me hoping while you break my heart with all those plans all the different endings side by side by side but all your dreams read like fiction you can't match the pearl of wisdom when i survey the kingdom that was mine yesterday's domain through the eyes of a spy every trick in the book i tried if you could play their game learn how to twist the facts addictions would be strengths and you could live by their pearls of wisdom

Blind arm in arm gazing into diamond light the pitch-black night is crowded with stars hand in hand climbing up the highest hill to get the bird's-eye view of where we've been like phases of the moon gone and back again spreading out the maps and tracing every turn we took side by side sometimes i lose a day without a trace a veil of shadows falls around my face my vision fades but i see you as you walk away i see you clearly as i walk away