Released by Restless in 1991. Possibly the Band of Susans' finest moment. Mark Lonergan and Anne Husick replaced Page Hamilton and Karen Haglof on this disc, solidifying the lineup that remained unchanged on album until the band's dissolution in 1995. The CD contains one of the band's very few covers, that of Rhys Chatham's "Guitar Trio," as an extra track.

Recorded and mixed at Platinum Island, New York City, May/June 1990.
Engineer: Oz Fritz. Assistant: Steve Wellner
Mastered by Chris Gehringer at The Hit Factory DMS
Front cover and inner photo: Geoff Notkin. Back cover photo: Karel Plicka (c) 1960.
Design: Band of Susans
Thanks: Joye Kaye, Libby Flynt, Mick Houghton, Randy Meltzer, A. C. Temple, The Trollbinders, My Cousin Kenny, Kim M. Raincourt, Greg Drew, Nicolas Collins, Roberta Korus, Dr. Sin Miasma
Special Thanks: Dake Hyatt and Leo Fender for G&L guitars and basses

All songs (c) 1990 Blessing And Curse Music/Zulu Alpha Music (ASCAP) except "Guitar Trio" (c) 1977 Post Minimalist Music Publishing Co. (BMI)


Ice Age, Now Is Now, Trouble Follows, Plot Twist, Estranged Labor, Sermon On Competition Part 2, Bitter and Twisted, Bad Timing, Tilt, Silver Lining, Guitar Trio


Ice Age still life a monument of colored stone a nest of polished bone in glittering heat in droning sun fallout showers riot of shooting stars in dislocated skies in flickering heat in burning sun a race for last place the sky opens twice white ships covered with ice riding oceans of air cross on to another world picture an island the snow is softly falling falling softly enough to make the desert bloom enough to wake the dead who keep on dreaming an endless dream

Now is Now walking the line you feel your way lost and found and lost again chasing shadows moonlight miles away heartaches like a phantom limb every corner hides a ghost a last good kiss a freeze-frame memory an open door inviting one more getaway he wants to see you you know he'll always be there when he needs you you stood the storm the air is clearing now pockets filled with stones don't get lost in the undertow take a breath and close your eyes no more nights lashed to the mast come in tfrom the cold days of grace are dead ahead no more border crossings stay where you are the same stars are in your sky

Trouble Follows wound like a clock crossing against the light loud as the sun churches burst into flames eye witness to god scratched in the dust line by line pass by the mirage imitation of life written in the sky the dreams come and go it's a tightrope walk white crosses by the side of the road a certain kind of luck a silenced life

Plot Twist the weeks pass by hand in hand with the melting ice in your glass the soldiers have returned form their crusades and landed on the coast drawn by a spotlight like moths to a flame betrayed by the kiss of fame falling to the stage we never fell for fakes or television rage the truth of it all is the only things you know are the things you'll never say when you see close-ups of the emperor's new clothes the seventh veil has lifted they've opened up the gates and now the price of doing business is the broadcast light i'm busy channel switiching myself to sleep they're dancing on a stage or bleeding in the streets but the truth of it all is the only things you want are the things you'll never get when you see close-ups of the emperor's new clothes

Estranged Labor a safe-house room that reeks of lies a window-framed indifferent sky dead letter box is stuffed with dreams we see the dust they left behind watch until the light is gone a candle left to burn too long while behind the broken wall they sound the battle call dripping blood from self-inflicted wounds they twist the facts to match the same old tune board up the door one more defection in an obsolete war take a long last look before you leave behind the barricades they're in a state of siege they give the rally cry while their enemies and allies drift away

Sermons on Competition, Part 2 they say they want to teach you they say they want to reach you they really want to teach you they're only trying to reach you they say don't go against the grain don't add fuel to the flame stay in between the white lines learn to read the right signs stay in between the white lines and learn to read the right signs they say just learn to compromise we'll have a meeting of the minds they say don't try to win the race you have to learn to run in place someday you'll have it all just beat your head against the wall you learn to play the game you help to dig your grave you learn to play the game you help to dig your grave but you say someday i'll see you fall someday i'll make you crawl someday i'll have it all i'll beat your head against the wall

Bad Timing who's waiting for her like she's waiting for him who's tracking the storm she's lost in the stars are bright the night is black and clear the clowns are all asleep the strongman is in tears who has a heart of glass and steel who else has this secret all too ready to reveal who else won't believe in honor among thieves don't trust the friends you know you'll see in hell sometimes the wait is trial by ordeal sometimes the timing's wrong sometimes she's not that strong what do we miss when we cut to the chase i'm surrounded by hope i kneel down to kiss the dirt a very few dreams can be replaced and down on my knees my vision is blurred but my head is clear who still fans the flames but dropped out of the race the choices that we made have left a bitter taste who else is blinded by the pleasures of regret the gift of hate it warmed my heart for ten thousand days revenge has come and gone and come and gone the sun breaks through the clouds but something's wrong who's she waiting for like she's waiting for him who's tracking the storm she's lost in

Tilt they've mined the road we're on they're watching the road with their searchlights and the lights burn like frostbite the lights burn cold

Silver Lining the trees are on fire the sky is stained black and brown the ships in the bay have crashed on the rocks their hulls bleed black and foul we track this satellite as it crashes to the ground crawling through the landfills counting the gunracks riding past the windmills drifting toward the falls running just ahead of the landslides looking past the silver lining a few more shots in the dark try to swim back to shore away from the lies someday the strings will shine across the bridge of light i'll be there to help you burn the flag dreaming of you in a flash of light dreaming of the silver lining