Updates on former BoS players

LATEST NEWS (as of June 2, 2007):

It's been a while since the last update, hasn't it? Well, here's some nice info and links to make up for the long wait....

Robert Poss and Susan Stenger's appearance at the world premiere of Phill Niblock's STOSSPENG.

Band of Susans on MySpace.

Robert Poss on MySpace.

Susan Stenger's official site.

Band of Susans videos on YouTube.

LATEST NEWS (as of June 4, 2006):

Soundtrack for an Exhibition

Soundtrack composed by Susan Stenger with contributions by Robert Poss, Alan Vega, Alexander Hacke, F.M. Einheit, Kim Gordon, Mika Vainio, Bruce Gilbert, Ulrich Krieger, Warren Ellis, Jim White, Jennifer Hoyston, Andria Degens, Spider Stacy

Paintings by John Armleder, Steven Parrino
Feature film by Kristian Levring

An exhibition conceived by Mathieu Copeland
Co-produced by forma and the Musée Art Contemporain Lyon

NOTE: The linked page not only contains far more information on the event, but also an audio stream.

LATEST NEWS (as of January 30, 2006):

Another update: The PICTURES section has been revised, with the addition of one new tour poster on the sixth page and a new page devoted to pictures of Susan Stenger. Many thanks to Robert Poss for sending over the latest batch of eye-pleasing pix.

LATEST NEWS (as of January 19, 2006):

Robert Poss has a new website, DISTORTION IS TRUTH, which contains a lot of interesting (and previously unavailable) information, pictures, and links. It also features updated news on former BoS bassist Susan Stenger, currently living overseas and playing with the likes of Nick Cave and others. Robert also sent over some swell pictures, but I'm still working on getting the picture pages updated to include those. Hopefully that will happen before this month is over.

LATEST NEWS (as of September 29, 2005):

Robert sent over two new pictures, which can be seen at the bottom of the linked page. He also generously sent over a copy of the newly-issued Tot Rocket retrospective LP on Rave Up, which is excellent. For those not already in the loop, Tot Rocket and the Twins were the late 70s / early 80s band featuring Robert on guitar / vocals and future BoS drummer Ron Spitzer on bass / vocals. Their sound was very much in the vein of bands like the Gang of Four, the Jam, etc., and they were quite listenable indeed. They eventually mutated into Western Eyes, and from there Robert and Ron went on to play in the Band of Susans. Another missing link in the evolution of the cathedral of sound....

LATEST NEWS (as of March 12, 2005):

The site has been completely updated (along with the rest of the monosite). Also, Robert is providing the music for the following event happening later this week:

A dance-theatre work by Alexandra Beller

You Are Here investigates the practices by which we define ourselves to ourselves, to each other, and by our society. How do we know, for a fact, that we are here? Do we make money, make love, make art? Do we feel "less here" when no one is watching? Is performing proof of existence? Is pain proof of reality? Using the personal histories of our physical and emotional lives to map ourselves in time and space, the work uses humor and maneuvers through the ridiculous to arrive at a destination that defies definition, but which marks our sense of connection to each other. The rich characters are based on those of Sartre's play, NO EXIT, but develop their own original relationships with each other based on more contemporary concerns. We further consider what it means to be HERE, in a country we don't always understand or agree with, and how we can find a place for ourselves inside a structure that doesn't always represent our truth. If X marks the spot on a map declaring, "You Are Here," the basic question it hopes to answer is: What is your X? The work features original sound composition by Robert Poss, a visual design which includes a fully fenced-in stage and hundreds of green balloons. In the tradition of "Alice in Wonderland," the work creates its own set of rules, allowing for a frustrated Broadway diva in a scuba suit, a baby-killing debutante and a murdered pacifist to dialogue with a defiant tap dancing lesbian. Performers include Alexandra Beller, Eric Bradley, Megan Brunvold, Toni Melaas and guests.

Wednesday, March 16- Sunday, March 20 at 8 pm (Pre-show "event" at 7:30)
Wednesday Preview (Pay What You Can)
Thursday Benefit and reception $30 - (This may be too high -- $25 was what went to print.)
Friday through Sunday General Admission $15
The Connelly Theatre: 220 East 4th Street Reservations:(212) 253.8899

LATEST NEWS (as of December 10, 2004):

December: East Village in the 80s

In conjunction with the New Museum of Contemporary Art's exhibition "East Village USA," BAMcafe Live presents some of the most influential performers of the 1980s East Village club scene.

East Village: Ben Neill

Saturday, December 11 at 9:00 p.m.

"The mad scientist of dancefloor jazz." ­­CMJ

Joined by Robert Poss on guitar and Don Yallech on acoustic and electronic percussion, the inventor of the mutantrumpet will perform excerpts from his work ITSOFOMO (In the Shadow of Forward Motion), a collaboration with the late David Wojnarowicz. Neill met Wojnarowicz around the same time as Poss and Yallech in the mid 1980¹s East Village. ITSOFOMO includes music by Neill and spoken texts by Wojnarowicz, which have been remixed for this performance and for a new DVD recently on exhibit at PPOW Gallery. Neill, Poss, and Yallech will also perform other compositions and improvisations taken from and inspired by their early work in the East Village.

LATEST NEWS (as of April 29, 2004):

The Belgian ezine ULTRA has conducted an interesting interview with Robert Poss; check it out. Robert also sent over an enormous number of photos related to Band of Susans, some of which have never been posted here before. I'm planninng to redesign the entire monosite within the next month or so, including the BoS pages, and will probably put up the pix then. Ideally I'm going to come up with a better way of indexing the pictures, but we'll see....

LATEST NEWS (as of December 16, 2003):

THE TONEQUEST REPORT recently ran an interview with Robert Poss, who was kind enough to forward it to the site. You can read it here in PDF format. (You'll need Adobe Acrobat installed, which you can find at Adobe's site.)

LATEST NEWS (as of June 1, 2003):

Check out a revised pictures page for two photos of Robert and Susan taken at the Ritz by Peter Kaufman.

Robert Poss has alerted me to an upcoming radio interview with Phill Niblock, to be broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in the UK on Tuesday, June 3 and Tuesday, June 10 at 1:30 p.m. local (UK) time. You can also listen on the web if you like via the BBC site.

LATEST NEWS (as of May 8, 2003):

Robert's gear rig from his touring days in Band of Susans can now be seen at guitargeek.com. If you've ever wondered how they achieved that roaring density of sound, this will go a long way towards explaining it. One can only imagine what the other two guitar rigs looked like....

Latest News (as of February 20, 2003):

There are now some swell comments by Robert regarding some of the compositions on the latest two releases, both of which are available now from Trace Elements. You can find links to his comments (and some reviews of the albums in question) on the appropriate discography pages for DISTORTION IS TRUTH and CROSSING CASCO BAY.

Latest News (as of October 20, 2002):

Robert Poss has released his first full-length CD, DISTORTION IS TRUTH, on Trace Elements. It collects up a lot of Robert's material recorded since the dissolution of Band of Susans, working solo and with others under varying circumstances. A lot of it is taken from live appearances, and it's an interesting look at what he's been up to the past few years. Check out the forthcoming issue of DEAD ANGEL (out at the end of October) for the full scoop on the sounds 'n tones.

The new cd will be followed within the next month by another cd from Robert on Trace Elements, CROSSING CASCO BAY, which gathers up a few more of the substantially longer pieces from that same era. The two cds are intended to be companion discs.

There is now an events page listing many of the post-BoS events (some of which are documented on the aforementioned cds). If i get more information about the others, i'll add them.

Susan Stenger, working with The Brood, composed and performed the music for a Paris fashion show of designer Hussein Chalayan recently. Look here for more information, and check out the background... is that a bit of Susan we see?


Latest news (as of December 2001):

Latest news (as of July 2001):

Latest News (as of June 2001):

Susan Stenger has been playing bass as part of Nick Cave's touring band. She appeared with them on the LETTERMAN SHOW in the US on March 19 of this year. (Thanks Dat for the news, even if it took me way too long to get it up here.)


A reader of the BoS page has alerted me (thanks Dat!) to the fact that Susan Stenger, fresh from supporting the Creatures and assisting in other touring duties, has apparently been playing with Nick Cave around Europe. Check o ut the appropriate reference from the Nick Cave Collector's Hell page for dates and other esoterica.

And check out this bit of interesting news from Robert Poss himself: He was recently backstage with Wire before their set at the Irving Plaza (in NYC, i think) for the last date of Wire's U.S. tour when Page Hamilton showed up with no less than David Bowie in tow, who eventually got around to telling Robert that he "has all of your [Band of Susans] records -- on vinyl." Robert was later invited to join Wire for their second and final encore, where he played a bariton e guitar in an "odd tuning." Robert, ever the guitar fanatic, now counts Bruce Gilbert as another convert to the G&L SC-1. He found two of them for Bruce, and he hooked Colin N ewman up with a nice new Danelectro for the tour."

Robert plays guitar and synth-processed guitar on a new TV commercial for Volkswagen composed by Ben Neill. It's called "Passing," and can be found here.

Also: Rumors that Susan Stenger has been asked to join The Fall have not been confirmed....