A guitarist by any other name still plays the same....

Band of Susans (first lineup)

Clockwise from bottom left:
Robert Poss (guitar, vocals), Susan Tallman(guitar, vocals), Ron Spitzer (drums),
Susan Lyall (guitar), Susan Stenger (bass, vocals), Alva Rogers (vocals).

the first lineup at the boardwark at Coney Island (photo (c) Philip Newton)

Band of Susans on the boardwalk at Coney Island, 1988 -- left to right:
Susan Tallman, Susan Stenger, Ron Spitzer, Robert Poss, Susan Lyall, Alva Rogers.
[Photo by Philip Newton]

promotional shot of Band of Susans (first lineup) (photo (c) Bob Marshak)

Band of Susans, 1988 -- clockwise from bottom:
Robert Poss, Susan Tallman, Susan Stenger, Ron Spitzer, Susan Lyall.
[Photo by Bob Marshak]

Notes: Alva Rogers contributed vocals on BLESSING AND CURSE and HOPE AGAINST HOPE; when the Band of Susans suddenly took off and turned into a full-time proposition, she and the guitar-playing Susans bailed because their other commitments didn't allow them to tour. Which leads to the second lineup....

Band of Susans (second lineup) live , (photo (c) Beth B.)

Left to right: Susan Stenger (bass, vocals), Karen Haglof (guitar, vocals), Ron Spitzer (drums),
Robert Poss (guitar, vocals), Page Hamilton (guitar, vocals).
[picture by Beth B.]

Notes: This gets complicated, so pay attention.... Karen (who also played earlier with Robert on the recording of "Die Donnegotter" for Rhys Chatham's DIE DONNERGOTTER) and Page joined long enough to tour after HOPE AGAINST HOPE and to record LOVE AGENDA; then Page left to form Helmet after recording the first Peel session (October 14, 1988) and was replaced by Mark Lonergan. After the LOVE AGENDA tour, Karen left to pursue other interests (ie., a medical career) and was subsequently replaced by Anne Husick. Mark Lonergan makes his first recorded appearance on the July 2, 1989 Peel sessions; Karen appears on both sessions (all of which were released as THE PEEL SESSIONS, natch).

Band of Susans (third lineup) promotional picture

Clockwise from bottom left: Mark Lonergan (guitar), Ron Spitzer (drums), Anne Husick (guitar),
Robert Poss (guitar, vocals), Susan Stenger (bass, vocals).

Notes: This is the lineup that recorded and toured from the release of THE WORD AND THE FLESH and thereafter. This also happens to be my favorite lineup, not that this means anything....

Robert and Susan (photo c) Michael Lavine)

1988 -- Left to right: Susan Stenger (bass, vocals), Robert Poss (guitar, vocals)
[Photo by Michael Lavine]

Robert and Susan (photo (c) Gary Breck)heimer)

1995 -- Left to right: Susan Stenger, Robert Poss [Photo by Gary Breckheimer]

Notes: Always the core of the Band of Susans (along with drummer Ron Spitzer), Susan and Robert will be working together again in the future when they have fulfilled all their current commitments. For a wee glimpse of where they may be headed, check out their cover of Wire's "Ahead" on the Wire tribute CD VARIOUS ARTISTS PLAY WIRE -- WHORE, available through WMO.