The involuntary destruction of equipment and hearing:

the source of Robert's roar: Park head, Marshall stack

Top to bottom: Park and Marshall

Notes: Early on in the Band of Susans' career, Robert saw an advertisement for unsold Park amps from the 1970s and was sold when the mail order catalog guy said, "They're just like Marshalls." He bought on and quickly became a fanatic. You can hear the results on the albums....

Karen Haglof at Planet Studio, 1989

Notes: Karen Haglof at Planet Studio, 1989.

Anne Husick at Baby Monster, 1992

Notes: Anne Husick at Baby Moster, 1992.

Notes: Not-unplugged at Baby Monster Studio, New York City, 1992. Robert is preparing to give some poor engineer a bad case of tinnitus....

Robert plays the sitar

"Paint it Black:" Robert Poss and sitar

Notes: This is the sitar Robert used on the sessions for the remixed version of "Now Is Now" (the original sitar tracks on the version that first appeared on THE WORD AND THE FLESH were contributed by an unidentified extra musician) and "Paint it Black," both of which appear on the NOW ep.

The Last Immolated Amp of Susan

OUCH: The Last Immolated Amp of Susan

Notes: At one point during the sessions for VEIL, Robert thought the bass amp had begun to sound... a little strange. So he opened the isolation booth to check it out and was greeted by a cloud of smoke. It turns out Susan's forceful bass thumping had caused the bass to catch on fire. This picture was taken after they put out the fire; this image was used for both the "Mood Swing" single cover and the back of VEIL. The amp, incidentally, belonged to the studio, not to the band... much to the studio's dismay.