Some other stuff:

Tot Rocket at Max's Kansas City, 1980

Notes: A performance shot of Tot Rocket, a band Robert Poss and Ron Spitzer played in prior to the Band of Susans. Ron (bass, vocals) and Robert (guitar, vocals) are in the forefront. This picture was taken in 1980, two years before Max's Kansas City closed for good; the spot where it used to stand is now occupied by a Korean grocery store.

a lovely cake for the Band of Susans

Notes: A lovely cake whipped up for the band while on tour in their hometown of Buffalo, New York.

Band of Susans flyer in Sweden

Notes: This photo of a billboard announcing a BOS show was snapped in Sweden during one of their many European tours.

Susan and Robert in the forest of guitars, photo (c) Michael Lavine

Notes: Susan Stenger and Robert Poss "in the forest." [Photo by Michael Lavine]

Susan's protective wristband of doom

Notes: Susan's protective wristband (the li'l white thing is a skull). Do you suppose she picked this up while playing flute for the likes of John Cage and Phill Niblock?

cover of promotional postcard for Disobey show, 1995

Notes: This is a postcard issued by Mute Records to announce the Manchester show on October 11, 1995 (at The 5th Man) at which Susan Stenger and Robert Poss joined Bruce Gilbert to perform as GilbertPossStenger after the dissolution of the Band of Susans. There may be future episodes of this behavior, but it is not for me to say.... [The picture is entitled "Spectrum Circles," based on Susan Hiller's "Magic Lantern."]

flip side of promotional postcard for Disobey show, 1995

Notes: This is the flip side of the same card. The text: [9:00 Swarm 1 / 10: 00 GilbertPossStenger / 10:40 Swarm 2 / 11:00 Chris Carter / 12:00 Swarm 3 / Swarm 1-3 DJ Beekeeper AKA Bruce Gilbert / Wednesday 11 October 1995 / The 5th Man (Hacienda) / Canal Entrace 11-13 Whitworth St West Manchester / Well Worth 5.00 / DISOBEY / Disobey Hotline: 0181 960 9529 / Disobey 1995 is funded by Mute Records / Front: "Spectrum Circles" based on Susan Hiller's "Magic "Lantern"] A bit of history: The first European tour Band of Susans ever did was opening for Wire, and at the last show of that tour, Gilbert appeared wearing a beekeeper's hat for "Ear Drum Buzz" -- hence his current DJ name. (Band of Susans have covered Wire tunes twice: "Too Late" appears on THE PEEL SESSIONS, and "Ahead" appears on VARIOUS ARTISTS PLAY WIRE: WHORE.)