A bunch of relevant quotes about a relevant band:

What follows are a bunch of "pull-quotes" from the Band of Susans press kit. They provide a history of sorts via the print media and are fun to read -- although nowhere near as fun as the interviews, but you're dreaming if you think i'm going to type all that....


What a mighty, grooving racket they make. They have that exciting sense of a group just now starting to find their own strength. One to watch. [N.M.E.]

The three-guitar lineup produces a huge, clamorous ringing. But there's an almost hard pop subtext as well, songs that stick in your mind and even invite you to sing along, making Band of Susans a particularly attractive proposition. [The New York Times]

Blessing And Curse is space age rock for lost generations. [Rockpool]

Blessing And Curse has had the underground in my town buzzing for some time now. [Music & Sound Output]

Aggressive guitar drones, thumping bass and plaintive singing. Rock heaven? Pretty damn close. [Sound Choice]

Thick slabs of guitar come and go with machinelike precision over fat, insistent drums in the sort of dense, distorted mix that makes what you think you hear as important as what is actually there. [Option

Blessing And Curse is a thang of heart-stopping grandeur. [Forced Exposure]

Band Of Susans deliver THE exultant noise of the season. [Jersey Beat]


At their utmost, Band Of Susans make one of the most spiritual and uplifting rock sounds around. [Melody Maker]

Their songs are like excerpts from dirty realist fiction -- they look at the everyday hopelessness of lives that have gone wrong, that have suffered from the remorseless optimism the American Dream extracts, until they can t face reality anymore. [N.M.E.]

The band has inspired some pretty thick slabs of rhetoric with their distorted guitars, their ringing feedback, and their minimalist approach to chord changes. [Option]

This music, like [Rhys] Chatham's, is a reaction against riffing, a complete denial of guitar hero worship, a renegade statement in the face of corporate rock clich s....The stuff is fresh, uncompromising and aggressive. It dares to disturb. [Guitar World]

Anyone who loves mean, unromantic electric guitar will get plenty of satisfaction from the first album by the Band Of Susans. With not one, but three lead guitars, this New York City-based group creates a sound that relates to other rock music the way the Great Wall Of China relates to a backyard fence. [People Magazine]

Listen too close to Band Of Susans' three-pronged guitar attack, with its sky-scraping walls of distortion and feedback repeated through a few simple chords ad infinitum, and their towering white-noise takes on a surreal, fascinating intensity. [The Bob]

What they do sound like is the noise-pop band of your dreams. [Boston Rock]


Band Of Susans, a co-ed New York City quintet, have put more electric guitar on one record than any other I've ever heard. Pop this beast into your car s system and blow your hardtop straight into the 1990s. [Spin]

Band Of Susans are the soundtrack for an epileptic fit, a lapse that feels like being seized by divine powers. Even amid all the nuisance of live performance, it s blindingly good. [Melody Maker]

Love Agenda is the Susans masterpiece....It ' a massive album, a mauling, terrifying leap of sound that reflects everything that is currently happening in New York. [Sounds]

Love Agenda raises the warp-factor further and places them in a category of their own, with the massed ranks of the competition choking on their exhaust fumes. [N.M.E.]

The seductive power of the group s three-axe attack is mated to disciplined song structures and disquieting lyrics for a potent audio cocktail sure to garner plaudits from the left wing of the modern rock axis. [Billboard]

If guitar playing is masturbation, the Band Of Susans has a thing or two to teach Dr. Ruth. [Goldmine]


A refreshingly joyful noise....Essential. [Boston Phoenix]

Nothing less than pure, demonic euphoria. [N.M.E.]

A three-guitar wall of gorgeous tumult. [CMJ]

Probably the sleeper of the year. [Rockpool]

This will blow yer f**kin head right off....This is utterly dazzling. [Sounds]

A feast for the guitar-rock aficionado. [Alternative Press]

Molten passion. [Melody Maker]


A fine document by a fine band. Now you tell me, why haven t the majors snatched them? [Alternative Press]

Band Of Susans remains aggressive and somewhat anthemic, almost dizzying in its driving three-guitar dynamic. [Option]

The Band Of Susans sonic guitar wall rivals that of other so-called alternative guitar bands, yet they have never gotten the recognition they deserve. This disc serves as a good introduction to one of New York s great underrated talents. [Sound Views]

NOW (1992)

Chiming, buzzy, trilling, dirty, clean, droning, swirly, gooey.... It's in there. Disparate guitars inhabit the songs like tenants in an East Village walk-up: they're quarrelsome, drunk on Rolling Rock -- each wants to be heard for itself, yet taken together the sum is greater than the parts. [Raygun]

Band Of Susans are reaching further out, moulding precise three-pronged guitar raids into grand sculptures. [N.M.E.]

What truly distinguishes BOS is a talent for building their music around small but durable melodic or chordal units, which gives them a monolithic power matched by few. [Creem]

Accessibility with integrity -- we salute you. [Alternative Press]

The Band Of Susans has inspired accolades. The truth is the band plays a complex, multi-textured melange of spirited pop songs with a high-decibel, three-guitar attack that is at times wildly inventive, grungy, dissonant, and utterly melodic. [QRM]

Band Of Susans is a group obsessed with the fiery products of multi-layered, wildly distorted guitars. [Cake]

VEIL (1993)

All hail the overdriven amp, the feedback-saturated guitar pickup, the hum of harmonic sustain, the clamorous collision of power chords in the heart of the sonic maelstrom....Let us now praise Band Of Susans. [Rolling Stone]

THIS is the kind of record that puts everything else into perspective. Compared to all the turgid, overstrained rock that s been clawing its way from America these past years, Veil soars like Lindbergh s plane...A sublime, breathtaking fluency. This is rock at its most liberated and free-flowing. [Melody Maker]

Veil, Band Of Susans seventh release, is undeniably great, an epic swell of guitar and noise. [Alternative Press]

Band Of Susans never loses sight of the passion that underscores the rigorous intellect of their music. [Chicago Tribune]

How to describe a band and a sound unequalled? [Creem]

It's about an enduring love of guitars that borders on potential deafness, about having the last passionate embrace of rock n roll s blistered sorry being. It's about leaving the cliches to rest. [N.M.E.]

A crucible of high art and trash rock culture. [The Wire]

WIRED FOR SOUND -- BAND OF SUSANS 1986-1993 (1995)

Unsung heroes in pop's gender wars, The Band Of Susans have surpassed the challenges put down by successive Downtown minimalists: the No New York groups, composers Rhys Chatham and Glenn Branca. The result: the best guitar rock of the 80s. [Mojo]

The Susans may finally gain the attention -- and their experimental music receive the acclaim -- that they both rightly deserved. [Alternative Press]

Wired For Sound is the perfect primer for those who have yet to experience the group s glorious power drive, a collection which gathers together all their Hits, Instrumentals and selected remixes in a way that opens up the band s vast musical range for the first time. [The Wire]

There were four great guitar bands in post-punk New York City in the mid-80s: Sonic Youth, Swans, Live Skull and Band Of Susans. [Huh]


Adamantly arty, these New York subversives have since 1986 never lost faith in hypnotic guitar....The radical strategy pays off in music that is brainy, visceral and bracing. [Rolling Stone]

Their most satisfying album in several years. [The Washington Post]

Artful, forged, contemplative and sexy Rock songs. [The Lizard (U.K.)]

The loud rock equivalent of fine chamber music. [CMJ New Music Monthly]

Success by all standards. [Alternative Press]